OF THE NOTION actualizes the fantastic

We stoke the light in the darkness.

Reveal the beauty beneath the surface.

Stir the stasis towards transformation.

Founded in 2016 by CEO Conor Chandler Simpson, Of The Notion is a multidisciplinary production company where imaginative storytelling, unique aesthetic, and high efficiency are paramount. We collaborate with the most visionary and innovative creatives we can find to produce cinematic experiences that inspire people.

As lead creative for Notion, Conor has extensive and multifaceted experience in film production - working primarily as a director, producer and screenwriter, and sometimes as a live concert visuals director, cinematographer, and editor.

Propelled by primal forces of human + environmental connection, we dig deeply into what drives humans to be our best and electrify that impulse through the work we make - through film, TV, photography, interactive dance events, and live concert visuals, to building and running full-service in-house content studios within forward thinking brands.

"We are all cosmonauts on spaceship Earth." - Bucky Fuller.

Clients include:

Samsung, Easton Sports, Becks Beer, FYF Music Festival, Avon, Incase, Casemate, Vets2Set, Camp Cobbossee, Herzog & Co., Freemantle, Break Media, MTV, Razorfish, Mother, a white label product, & a spectrum of amazing bands & artists we’ve been blessed to partner with.


Conor in his natural habitat - dinner partying with his friends & collaborators

Conor in his natural habitat - dinner partying with his friends & collaborators