Conor Chandler Simpson - Filmmaker / Creative Director / OF THE NOTION Founder

Conor is a filmmaker collaborating with the most visionary creatives he can find to produce cinematic experiences that stay with people.

A native of the the woods of Massachusetts, a graduate of Emerson College, he has since lived in Boston, New York City, Chicago, the Netherlands, & Los Angeles.

Conor has extensive experience in all facets of film production. He works primarily as a director, producer & screenwriter, and sometimes as a creative director, live concert visuals director, cinematographer, editor, & when the time calls for it - makes music for fun.

Compelled to tell stories articulated with unique aesthetic & propelled by primal forces of human + environmental connection. Committed to push the boundaries of what the cinematic experience can be, he has pursued projects that stretch imagination & dig deeper into what drives humans to be our best.

Conor has been involved with hundreds of projects alongside top-notch & Oscar-winning production teams. Constantly on the hunt to collaborate with creators, innovators, companies that want to break rules, disregard naysayers, backseat caution, manifest a more sustainable future but take cues from the very first humans.

"We are all cosmonauts on spaceship Earth." - Bucky Fuller.

Press play on the soundtrack.

Clients include:

Samsung, Incase, Becks Beer, FYF Music Festival, Easton Sports, Avon, Casemate, Vets2Set, Camp Cobbossee, Herzog & Co., Freemantle, Break Media, MTV, Razorfish, Mother, a white label product, & a spectrum of amazing bands & artists he's blessed to collaborate with.